Here at Grosvenor Properties we are proud to offer you an array of properties available in the local area.


In order to apply for one of our properties, you would need to complete an application form and provide the following information and documents to office

  1. Photographic I.D (passport / driving licence
  2. Proof of residency (utility bill/bank statements)
  3. Salary & employment confirmation
  4. Current and previous landlord/agents details
  5. Possible guarantor details
  6. Possible account details
  7. Honesty of all information provided is imperative otherwise it will effect your application.

Admin fees & Holding Deposits

Admin fees for referencing will be payable along with holding deposits on submission of application forms, the admin fees cover costs for referencing and drawing up of all legal documentation, all our deposits are logged with the DPS in line with Tenancy Deposit Regulations once a tenancy agreement is signed.
Holding deposits are taken as a goodwill gesture to secure the property for you and enable the landlord the confidence that you a serious in going forward with the property. Once the holding deposit is received we can cease viewings and tell other applicants that we have a tenant subject to referencing and prepare the legal documentation for you.

Tenancy agreement

Landlords, tenants and guarantors are all required to sign tenancy agreements prior to commencement of the tenancy, the agreement outlines all parties’ obligations.
Usually most tenancies are for a 6 month term to begin with and can later be renewed for a further 6 or 12 month period.


Cleared funds are required prior to commencement of the tenancy and these will usually consist of:

  • 1 months rent in advance
  • 1 months rent as deposit (holding deposit will transfer over to cover this payment)
  • Admin fees

All payment are to be made by either bank transfer direct into our client money bank account, bankers draft or cash into the office. Receipts will be provided. Ongoing rental payments will be due by standing order mandate and we will set this payment up for you at the time of signing your tenancy agreement.

Managed and Unmanaged Properties

You will be informed at the time of signing the tenancy agreements if the property is going to be managed by us or by your new landlord themselves. All relevant contact information will be supplied at commencement of the tenancy.

Inventory and deposit refund

A full inventory of the property will be taken prior to commencement of the tenancy to protect both the landlord and the tenant, this will be an accurate description of the property and all fixtures and fittings.
This inventory will be used during inspections at the end of the tenancy during the move out procedures to draw up a move out report. Any dilapidations will be discussed and anything other than what is deemed to be fair wear and tear will be attributable to the tenants.
Your deposit will be logged with the deposit protection service at the beginning of your tenancy and you will have been provided a deposit ID number and a repayment ID number at this time direct from the DPS. At the end of the tenancy you will need to log onto the DPS website and using these details request your deposit back. As agents we will also log onto the website and request the deposit to be refunded or withheld dependant on the move out report in line with the inventory taken at the beginning of your tenancy.

Notice to end a tenancy

You will be required to give a minimum of 1 months notice in writing from your agreement date if you wish to vacate the property to terminate your tenancy this is subject to term.


We will take meter readings and inform the water, council tax, gas and electric when your tenancy commences and also at the end of the tenancy. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the utilites are paid in full during the term of your tenancy and that all debts are cleared at the time you leave.